General Safety Tips For Garage Doors

General Safety Tips For Garage Doors

Nearly every house built today will have a garage door, usually with an electric door opener. There are many conveniences that come along with an automatic garage door as well as some general precautions to take. Here a few safety tips to keep your family safe.


Maintain the security of your home by making sure your garage door is safe from a break-in. Always keep the remotes in the house or locked in the cars. And, if you have an access panel, make sure the security code is not easy to guess.


Make sure the control buttons are higher than your children can reach. Also, be certain that they cannot get access to the remote controls and unwittingly open the door.

Operational Upkeep

Electric garage door openers will come with their own safety features. They have sensors to detect any movement or barrier in their path of closing. Something blocking the door’s path should cause the door to reverse and open fully. It’s a good idea to test these features from time to time to make sure that they are operational.