Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door is installed to improve on security. Have controlled access as well as provide privacy. However, though the door is useful, it can be faced by various problems causing inconveniences, damages or injuries. Our garage door repair company is there to attend to these failures and maintain the garage door useful as it is meant to be.

We have summarized some of the common garage door problems that garage owners deal with every day; these include:

Faulty garage door springs

The garage door springs may get damaged and this causes the door to operate slowly or fail completely. Our garage door repair company will help you when your manual door is heavier to operate and the automatic one won’t move at all. We advise for a spring replacement when the garage door springs are broken or cracked.

Misaligned garage door sensors

The laser sensors on your garage door initiate a reversal action when there is a person or an object on the door path. This is a safety measure as it prevents damages or injuries. Our company has qualified technicians that will align these sensors when you ate faced with problems of the garage door reversing unnecessarily.

Faulty door remotes

The garage door might be working but the remote may fail you. It is not always that the door operator may be in a position to use the wall switch as at times the remote can be convenient. The remote should be checked occasionally for battery power and should be replaced when broken. We are available to help maintain your door remote operational as required.

An off the track garage door

The garage door may fall out of its track and it needs aligning. Our technicians have the knowledge, experience and the required tools to set the door back on track. A garage door that is off its track is difficult to operate and it may fail completely/ damage the garage floor, walls, and roof.


A garage door is an essential part of your residential or commercial garage. Most common garage door problems can be avoided by not misusing the garage door and controlling the number of door operators.